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Why are we doing this, again? Ice canoeing



7-10 December 2021 – Online (buy tickets here)

12′ | English & French dialogue | English subtitles

Director: Marie Dumoulin

It was just over 50 years ago, that the first women’s ice canoe team decided to join their male counterparts to cross the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River during the Carnival of Quebec’s traditional ice canoe race. In the fall of 2018, six women decided to form their own team, which would become the first women’s elite ice canoe team in Montreal. Their goal: to be at the level to race in the Quebec Ice Canoe Circuit.

Throughout the film, these women introduce us to their passion. The voices of the six teammates narrate the film. They expose us to the sport by explaining what they had to do throughout the season in order to be able to participate in the last race of the season: le Grand Défi chez Victor in Quebec City.